Frequently Asked Questions

Geenet is the market leader in providing WiFi services and offers high speed WiFi at selected dormitories in Singapore.

With Geenet WiFi, customers may watch videos, play games, send emails and surf the internet without fear of bill shock at high speeds. Geenet WiFi is applicable to everyone including users holding work permit, employment pass and S-Pass in Singapore.

To sign up for the WiFi service, visit Geenet sales booth located within your dormitory. You may find the location and operating hours of our sales booth in our FAQ.

We have:
– 30 days WiFi Plan with unlimited usage.
– 12 days WiFi Plan with unlimited usage.
Simply visit our sales booth or shop to purchase.
Customers have to present the following documents to our staff:
– Work Permit
– Dormitory Pass
Yes, you will be connected to unlimited premium WiFi anytime, anywhere, within the vicinity of dormitory.
Yes. You may call or WhatsApp our Geenet Helpdesk Hotline at 9658 5755 for all WiFi technical issues.
Our Hotline operating hours are from 6pm to 11pm daily.
Method 1:

1. Go to your mobile device, select “Geenet” as your WiFi network.
2. Key in your password (locate it in your receipt) once the login page pops up.
3. Agree to the T&Cs.
4. Click “login” and you will be connected to Geenet WiFi now.

Method 2:
1. On your mobile device or laptop browser, key in this URL:
2. You will be redirected to Geenet login page.
3. Enter the neccessary details and you will be connected to Geenet WiFi now.
No. You may only login to ONE device each time using one password.
You may switch device by visiting our booths with your receipt and your Work Permit.
We accept PAYNOW, cash and NETs* payment at our booth.
*NETs payment is only applicable at selected dormitories.
You may visit our booth with your Work Permit and dormitory access card. Our sales staff will do a migration which will take 3 working days.
This migration is only applicable for Geenet WiFi operating dormitories.
Geenet WiFi can deliver download speed of up to 10Mbps and upload speed of up to 8Mbps. The actual speed will also be dependant on the number of users accessing the network and your proximity to the access point.
Do a WiFi signal test strength on your phone. If your WiFi strength is weak, you may switch off and power up your phone and redo a speed test.
If WiFi signal is still weak, you may call or WhatsApp Geenet Helpdesk Hotline at 9658 5755.
Toggle on and off your WiFi setting on your phone, and select “forget Geenet SSID”.
Try and connect your WiFi to Geenet WiFi again.
Method 1:
1. Try to use a different browser and key in this URL >; you will arrive at Geenet login page.
Method 2:
(For Android)
1On your Android phone or tablet, open Chrome.
2. Under “Advanced”, find “Privacy” > “Clear browsing data.”
3. Under time range selection, choose “All time.”
4. Select Browsing history and clear data.
(For iPhone)
1. Open setting.
2. Select Safari.
3. Clear history and website data.