Roaming FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find the complete list of Roaming destinations and charges here: https://geenet.com.sg/geenetroamingplan/
Alternatively, you may access this information via the Geenet Mobile App.
Data Roaming plans or add-ons can be purchased through Geenet Mobile App or a Geenet Reseller Shop.
The roaming pack will be available to you as soon as your payment has been processed successfully.
Data Roam add-ons are available to all Geenet Mobile customers with active mobile plans.
Only Data Roaming services is offered currently. Overseas Roaming Calls/ SMS is not enabled.
You may purchase a new Roaming add-on to enjoy more Roaming Data for your travels.
Your Data Roaming service will cease. You will have to purchase another Roaming Bundle to continue the service.
You may monitor your usage and balance data via Geenet Mobile App.
Roaming Data left unused after the validity period will be forfeited.
Validity of Data Roam plans and add-ons starts from the purchase date/ time.
Here are some steps which will assist you in troubleshooting:
1. Ensure Data Roaming is enable on your device.
2. Manually select the designated network provider based on your destination from this list: https://geenet.com.sg/geenetroamingplan/
3. Switch on and off airplane mode if problems persists, or remove and reinsert your SIM card.
To ensure smooth data usage when abroad,
1. Switch off airplane mode when you have reached your destination.
2. Enable Data Roaming on your phone via mobile data settings.
3. Manually connect to the designated network on your mobile phone depending on your destination.
4. Next, turn Airplane mode to “On” and then “Off'”
For Android, go to your device, select Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Data Roaming.
For iOS, go to your device, select Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options.
You may contact Geenet Customer Care via the following platforms if you are overseas:
Hotline @ +65 6714 6677
WhatsApp @ +65 8935 2130
In order to provide fast and reliable mobile internet service, all customers on 5 Days Unlimited Data Roaming add-on will be subject to a fair use policy. 
If customer’s roaming usage exceed more than 50GB, a speed limit (384kbps) will be imposed on the data roaming services without prior notification. Customer on the 5 Day Unlimited Data Roaming addon will also be subjected to a total data roaming cap of 150GB.  

Fair Usage Limits are subject to change without prior notification based on network capacity and traffic management unless otherwise specified.